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    Location reminders
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    ricord@me™ derives from the latin word 'ricordare' (to remember)
    and the pronounciation of the english word 'record'.
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Location based Reminders App with Voice Recording


Using Geofences ricord@me™ reminds you when you enter or leave a certain location.


Instead of typing you can record your note using the built-in microphone.


Additionally add an Image to your reminder, so you also have a visual of it.


For ricord@me™ to be able to remind you, permanent location access permit has to be granted.


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Location based Reminders.

Date Alert

Reminder for specific date.

Voice Recording

Record your reminder, instead of typing it.


Add an image to your reminder.


Additionally add a written Note.

My Reminders

Overview of all your Reminders.


Currently active Geofences.

Swipe to left or right

For further functions in Overview.

Location Permit

Requires permission to access your current Location.

InApp Purchase!

Remove the Limitation of the free Version.


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“I love ricord@me, I highly recommend it, Everyone should try it!”

- Karin Meier

“ricord@me the easyest way to location based reminders.”

- Theo Keller

“Keep it up Guys! Your work rules, cheers :)”

- Richard Gmeiner


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Main View

active Geofences

Search Address


Overview (left Swipe)

Overview (right Swipe)

Popup on Pin

Add Description


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Currently available only for iOS Devices.

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Find here after the most Frequently Asked Questions.


The standard value for the region is 200 m, you can change the value using the slider. Keep in mind that you'll have to stay within the region for a few seconds, for the device to recognize it, due to the lag of GPS Signal.
Driving fast through it, might result in not catching the region and obviously no alert will be triggered.

Date & Time

The date/time values are automatically set to the current time for the Start and to +6h for the End, you can change these values by selecting from the Datepicker showing up. The Startdate will serve as the moment from which on the Geofence is active, additionally to end the Geofence on the set Endate, a Notification will be prompted in case you did not enter or leave the Geofenceregion.


You can have a max. of 20 Geofences actively contemporarly (Apple SDK Limitation). Therefore we're using the value set within the Date to activate a specific Geofence, e.g. it will be activated on the Startdate and last until the set Enddate.
This way you can enter as many reminders as you want, but the Geofence will only be active when required.

Alert Notification

You'll receive a notification when entering or leaving the Geofenceregion. In case you did not enter the Region an Alert Notification will be prompted to remind you, that you might have forgotten something. So maybe it's not to late and you can still get it done.

Battery Consumption

To keep battery consumption at a minimum, we do activate the Geofence for a reminder, only for a specified amount of time. 24h before and after the specified date set for the reminder.
The more active Geofences you've, the more your devices battery consumption increases, due to the fact, that it is monitoring significant location changes and movement.

Free Version / In-App Purchase

The free Version is limited to have 3 Reminders contemporarly in the DB. Once you've reached the Limit just delete one of the Reminders which are done and you can add a new one. If you require more then 3 Reminders at the same time, consider to remove the Limitation through the In-App Purchase. We would love that and appreciate your estimed support!

Contacts in Pop Up Menu

You can set a Pin by using the Address from your Contacts, instead of setting it manually or writing it in the Searchfield. It can happen that the reverse Geocoding Function might not recognise the Address selected, in this case you'll have to set the Pin manually. Look at the given return Value to see the difference between the two addresses.


Upcoming Version 1.5 will contain:

  • Local Research of POI's
  • Map in Add/Edit View
  • Licences View
  • some minor Bug-Fixes
  • Translations

    If you find your Language is missing and you want to have it included, let us now if your willing to help out.

    Version 1.6 should contain:
  • Apple Watch Kit
  • Spanish
  • Support

    For more info and support, contact us!

    35, Bahnhofstreet, Amriswil, CH

    +41 (0)71 411 10 90